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  • U2yy8ci.png Nume: Nabil
  • U2yy8ci.png Nick: Talent of Skills.
  • U2yy8ci.png SteamID: i won't admin with steamid
  • U2yy8ci.png Unique ID TS3: 3DyCmKaUeLlSJfdbV4yJWaaCUXo=
  • U2yy8ci.png Profil Steam(Link): Talent of Skills.
  • U2yy8ci.png Dovada ca ai intrat in grupul de steam (poza) : still didn't join ! 
  • U2yy8ci.png Dovada ca ai intrat in link de gametracker (poza) still didn't join ! 
  • U2yy8ci.png Vârsta: 19
  • U2yy8ci.png De ce vrei sa fii admin: i want to make fights on it
  • U2yy8ci.png Experiență ( in ani sau luni, nu procentaj si nu cuvinte precum "destula"  ) : 7years
  • U2yy8ci.png Ai citit regulamentul  ?: da
  • U2yy8ci.png Care este cuvantul cheie?: i didn't find it, because not romanian make a version english
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