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Activision orders Call of Duty stats site SBMM Warzone to shut down

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A popular Call of Duty: Warzone stats-tracking website has been issued an order by lawyers representing Activision telling the Belgium-based site to shut down by this coming Monday, March 29th. The website's creators have announced the impending closure in a Tweet desperately asking Activision to reach out for a solution.

Per the creators of SBMM Warzone, the letter claims that SBMM Warzone violates Activision's API terms of use and infringes Activision's copyright, among other violations of privacy laws in both the European Union and United States. Activision's complaint seems, primarily, to be a concern with a potential breach of privacy.

The creators have reached out to Activision to try and meet a solution or start a partnership, but have not received response. "We want to be able to talk to them. We believe there is so much more we can bring to this community," one of the site's creators told Eurogamer.

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