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Sable, Boyfriend Dungeon among Xbox Game Pass PC releases in spring showcase

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Microsoft's spring showcase for their ID@XBOX indie publishing initiative has a nice stack of games coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC this year on their launch day, eight new ones in all.

Most notable are Boyfriend Dungeon, the anticipated Kickstarter-funded roguelike that is also a dating sim where you date your weapons. There's also the beautiful Sable, a lovely cel-shaded desert exploration adventure and one of our most highly anticipated games of 2021. 

Here's the full list:

Boyfriend Dungeon, by Kitfox Games

Craftopia, by Pocketpair

Dead Static Drive, by Team Fanclub

Recompile, by Phigames

Sable, by Shedworks

She Dreams Elsewhere, by Studio Zevere

The Ascent, by Neon Giant

Undungeon, by Laughing Machines

We liked the idea of Dead Static Drive, which is kind of like Grand Theft Auto vs Cthulhu. Hacking game Recompile looks pretty flashy. We're also pretty intrigued by co-op cyberpunk actin RPG The Ascent, especially since co-op games are so appealing on Xbox Game Pass.

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