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  1. To post a config, fill out the template below: Model - Name: Descriptions[with images]: Link download: REGULATIONS CONFIG: Before posting a config, use the 'Search' function to check if it has not been posted by someone else. The topic title must be [Plugins] name Make sure you don't copy/paste the tutorials from other Community or the topic remove. You are allowed to post a maximum of 3 configs per day Failure to comply with the regulations will result in WARN !!!Topics will be closed after 24H by the Moderator
  2. Counter-Strike 1.6 Informations : Counter-Strike (from the English word counterstrike, which could be translated as "counter-attack"), or the abbreviation CS, is an online multiplayer first-person shooter based on the principle of team play. It is a complete modification of Valve's Half-Life game, produced by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe, the first version of which was released on June 18, 1999. The game pits a team of terrorists and anti-terrorists against each other over the course of several rounds. Players score points by completing game map objectives and eliminating their opponents, wit
  3. Nume: Nabil Nick: Talent of Skills. SteamID: i won't admin with steamid Unique ID TS3: 3DyCmKaUeLlSJfdbV4yJWaaCUXo= Profil Steam(Link): Talent of Skills. Dovada ca ai intrat in grupul de steam (poza) : still didn't join ! Dovada ca ai intrat in link de gametracker (poza) : still didn't join ! Vârsta: 19 De ce vrei sa fii admin: i want to make fights on it Experiență ( in ani sau luni, nu procentaj si nu cuvinte precum "destula" ) : 7years Ai citit regulamentul ?: da Care este cuvantul cheie?: i didn't find it, bec
  4. Nume: Talent of Skills. Vârstă: 19 De ce dorești să aplici pentru acest grad?: I liked this community and its a new community, so i could help it. Ce secțiune dorești spre moderare?: Gaming Section to share scripts / tutorials / plugins Ce îmbunătățiri poți aduce secțiunii moderate?: i have a well edit in topics with colors etc. and i know 100% the english.. Explică activitatea ta pe forum și secțiune din ultima vreme: i can stay for 5-4 hours and i'll make more posts soon. Ești conștient că vei fi pus într-o perioadă de probă, iar dacă nu te vei descurca, riști să fii suspendat?: y
  5. Your name : Nabil. Age: 19 Occupation: Student. Where do you live : Algeria. Hobbies & passions: Football / Mobile games. How did you find out about our community: From FURIEN.DEVILZONE.RO What made you join our community: No one lol. What is your favorite game: CS 1.6/MTA/GTA/NFSW/COC Steam ON / OFF: ON A picture with you (optional): when i have time.
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