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    1. Administrative Zone

      Administrative area, news related to the forum, its projects, announcements belonging to the community, proposals and suggestions related to the forum; questions / issues related to your forum / account

    2. Members Zone

      Information about the warnings & bans given, useful guides and tutorials, complaints to the staff members as well as interactive contests organized by the members of the Administration!

    3. Server Affiliation

      Do you have a server and want to join it in our community? Then this is the right place.

    4. GAMETRACKER | DEVILZONE ROMÂNIA   (15 visits to this link)


    5. DISCORD | DEVILZONE ROMÂNIA   (1 visit to this link)

  2. Community Servers

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    2. Servere Counter-Strike 1.6

      The offical servers of the DEVILZONE România community!

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  3. GAMES

    1. CS:GO

      Tutoriale, resurse și discuții ce au legătură cu jocul Counter-Strike Global : Offensive.

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    2. CS 1.6

      Tutoriale, resurse și discuții ce au legătură cu jocul Counter-Strike 1.6.

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  4. Community Projects


      Art, technology and science are not incompatible, contradictory or competing fields, but only specific and solidary. They get involved and condition each other. The designer knows that functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics and economy work together to achieve efficiency.

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    1. Discussions & Socialization

      Discussions between community members on topics that do not fall into the other sections, questionnaires, various curiosities and daily news.

    2. Technology & Gaming

      The latest tutorials, news and more related to IT.

    3. Virtual Store

      A virtual store, online store or e-shop is an e-commerce website for the sale of products and services.

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    • Model RO   Nick : Grad : Perioada: Motiv :   Faceti un topic nou cu titlul: "[Cerere Absenta/Retragere] Nume", daca va avea alt tip de titlu, cererea NU va fi luata in considerare si va fi inchisa. Formatul datei de absenta va fi sub forma zz/ll/aaaa - zz/ll/aaaa ( 03/01/2019-04/01/2019) Daca perioada este mai mare de 30 de zile puteti face cerere retragere , cu gradul in pastrare . Odata acceptata cererea de retragere nu mai este cale de intoarcere la gradul avut, se ia de la zero.   Model EN   Nick: Grad: Period: Reason:   Make a new topic with the title: "[Absence / Withdrawal] Name", if it has another type of title, the application will NOT be considered and will be closed. The format of the absence date will be in the form dd / mm / yyyy - dd / mm / yyyy (03/01 / 2019-04 / 01/2019) If the period is longer than 30 days, you can request a withdrawal, with the degree of retention. Once the withdrawal request is accepted, there is no way to return to the grade you had, it is taken from scratch.    
    • Model Change Nick.   1.The old nick: 2.The new nick: 3.The reason for change:     NOTE:   ==>You can change your nick once per month. ==>You will not lose your hours if you changed nick.
    • Model [RO]: 1.Nume Admin: 2. Nume codat: 3. Ip: 4. SteamID: 5. Data: 6. Motiv: 7. Dovada(demo/ss):   ATENTIE ! ==>Toti adminii trebuie sa detina Ban-list,în caz contrar riscati sa fiti sanctionati. ==>Respectati modelul de fiecare data când postati un BAN. ==>Fiecare admin trebuie sa îsi deschida propriul topic unde îsi va posta toate ban-urile .    Model [EN]:   1.Nick Admin: 2.Nick codat: 3.Ip: 4.SteamID: 5.Date: 6.Reason: 7. Proof (demo / ss):   WARNING! ==>All the admins must hold the BanList, otherwise you risk being sanctioned. ==>Follow the model every time you post a BAN. ==>Every admin needs to open his own topic where he will post all his bans.
    • Model [RO]: 1.Nume-ul tu?: 2.Nume-ul adminului: 3.Motivul ban? 4.Data: 5.Dovad?: 6.Steam ID-ul tu?: 7.Ip-ul tu?: 8.Altele:   Important! ==>Toate campurile sunt obligatorii! ==>DOAR fondatorii vor da reply cu decizia final? , risca?i warn la admin! ==>Adminul care a dat banul are la dispozitie 10 ore pentru a prezenta dovezile!   Model [EN]:   1.Your Nick: 2.Admin's Nick: 3.The reason for banning: 4.Date: 5.Proof: 6.Your Steam ID: 7.Your Ip: 8.Other:   Important! ==>All fields are required! ==>Just the fondators will give the answer with the final decision, you risk warn at admin! ==>The admin who gave ban has 10 hours to present the evidence!
    • Model [RO]: 1.Nume-ul d-voastra: 2.Nume-ul reclamatului: 3.Data si ora: 4.Motivul reclamatiei: 5.Dovada (se accepta doar print la consola/demo /snap): 6.Altele:   Important!   ==>Este obligatoriu ca titlul topicului sa arate asa : "Reclamate admin x" ==>Nu deschideti un topic cu titluri de genul "Copil copac" , "Admin frustrat" sau alte replici jignitoare la adresa adminilor deoarece veti primi warn, iar topic-ul va fi închis si mutat în arhiva. ==>Toate celelalte topicuri care nu respecta acest model vor fi închise si nu vor fi luate în considerare. ==>Orice reclamatie care nu vine însotita de o dovada nu va fi luata în cosiderare. ==>Adminii care las? reply la o reclamatie sunt obligati pe langa PRO/CONTRA ? aduca dovezi (cand dau pro)!   Model [EN]:   1.Your Nick: 2.The complainant's nick: 3.Date and time: 4.Reason for complaint: 5.Proof (accept only print to console / demo /snapshot): 6.Other:   Important!   ==>Is mandatory for the topic title to look like this:" Report Admin x " ==>Do not open a topic with titles such as" Copil Tree " " Frustrated Admin "or other offending replies to admins because you will receive a warning and the topic will be closed and moved to the archive. ==>All other topics that do not follow this pattern will be closed and will not be considered. ==>Any claim that does not come with proof will not be taken into consideration. ==>Admins who leave a response to a claim are required to PRO / CONTRA to provide proof (when they give pro)!
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